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What are the dangers of insufficient hydraulic oil to rotary drilling rigs?

03-17 20:00 News 148

Inadequate hydraulic oil has the following hazards on rotary drilling rigs:

1. It is easy to cause high temperature of hydraulic oil of rotary drilling rig.

2. The air is sucked in without hydraulic oil being sucked in. The mixing of air reduces the working efficiency and makes the rotary drilling rig slow.

3. After the air enters the hydraulic system, it can't discharge the air in time, which causes bad circulation.

4. Damage the main pump and hydraulic motor.

5. The pressure of hydraulic oil is weakened.

6, damage to the oil seal, causing oil leakage.

Hydraulic oil pictures

When the hydraulic oil of the rotary drilling rig is found to be insufficient, the hydraulic oil should be filled in time, and the following matters should be noted when filling the hydraulic oil:

Select the appropriate hydraulic oil in accordance with the "Rotary Drilling Rig Instructions".

Mixing of different brands and models of hydraulic oil is strictly prohibited.

If the substitute oil is used for any reason, it will meet the performance requirements of the original brand oil as much as possible.

The accuracy requirements and types of hydraulic oil must be based on the specific requirements and regulations of rotary drilling rig manufacturers.

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