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Rotary drilling rig daily maintenance and safety regulations

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Rotary drilling rigs must observe the following safety regulations before or during maintenance:

1. Only authorized and skilled maintenance personnel, who are familiar with the equipment and understand the relevant content of the manual, can perform this work.

2. Perform maintenance at specified intervals.

3. For specific components of the pile drill, refer to the specific component maintenance and maintenance instructions.

Rotary drilling rigs need proper maintenance

specific measure:

(1) Park the drill on the ground.

(2) Pull down the safety handle to the vertical closed state, shut down the engine and remove the engine key.

(3) Stick the maintenance marks on the rotary drilling rig and maintenance parts to prevent accidents.

(4) Strictly abide by the safety operation regulations, wear necessary protective equipment, and other protective measures, such as protective glasses and hard hats.

(5) Fireworks are strictly prohibited near the battery.

(6) Take special care with hot parts and lubricants.

(7) Welding operations are strictly forbidden in places such as hydraulic oil tanks and oil pipelines that are liable to cause fire.

(8) Do not make any adjustments to the equipment while the engine is running or the pile drill is working or walking.

(9) Do not perform any maintenance work on the rotary drilling rig hydraulic system before the pressure is released.

(10) When replacing hydraulic oil, prepare a large enough container, and properly handle waste oil to prevent environmental pollution.

(11) The added or replaced hydraulic oil must be filtered before being filled into the fuel tank.

(12) Ensure that the tools and equipment used in maintenance are safe and reliable.

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