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Development history of small rotary drilling rigs

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China introduced a small rotary drilling rig from Japan in the early 1980s. In 1984, the Tianjin Prospecting Machinery Plant introduced a small rotary drilling rig from the American RDI Company, digested and absorbed it, and improved it on the original basis. In 1987, SOILMEC products were exhibited for the first time at the Beijing Exhibition Center of the capital. In 1988, Beijing Urban Construction Machinery Plant developed a 1.6m diameter crawler crane attached small rotary drilling rig based on the prototype of the Geotechnical Corporation. In the 1990s, Zhengzhou Prospecting Machinery Plant in Henan introduced the production technology of the attached rotary drilling machine from the British BSP company, but none of them has been mass-produced. In 1992, Bao'e Company established a representative office in Beijing, China to develop the Chinese business market. From 1995 to 1997, a wholly-owned subsidiary, Bao'e Tianjin Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. was established to assemble the Bao'e BG20 model suitable for the Chinese market. Small rotary drilling rig. In 1998, XCMG began to independently develop small rotary drilling rigs. In 2000, it was successfully trial-produced and put into mass production. Later, Beijing Jingwei Juli, Sany Heavy Machinery, etc. also got involved in the production of small rotary rigs. There are more than 30 manufacturers of rotary drilling rigs.

Picture of small rotary drilling rig

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