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Two common techniques for operating a pile drill

03-03 10:57 News 147

The most important thing in operating a pile drilling machine is experience and skills. During the construction process, when the drill pipe and drill bit are lowered into the hole, except for the depth gauge on the display for reference only, the operation is controlled by the experience of the operator.

Although it is invisible how the drilling tool's drilling tool cuts during construction, the force of the drilling tool in the hole will be fed back to the equipment outside the pile. For example: vibration, load, so the operator can judge the situation inside the hole by observing the changes of the equipment outside the hole, thereby changing the operation control. Two of the most commonly used tips for operating a pile drill: look at the drilling speed and listen to the sound!

The operator should master the operation skills flexibly when operating the pile drill

Look at the rotation speed: The power head is equipped with a variable motor. The characteristic of the variable motor is to change the displacement of the motor as the swashplate angle changes with low load, low speed, high torque, high speed and small torque. Enter the load situation, change the control method.

Listen to the sound: Regardless of whether you are operating a large or small pile rig, as long as you are engaged in pile foundation construction, you must use the "listen to sound" skill to control the equipment. Only in this way can you first determine the situation in the hole and change the operation the way.

Close the cab door to avoid engine noise, open a gap in the front windshield, and let the sound from the power head and the main winch (front) planetary reducer enter the cab, the sound of the power head and the main scroll planetary reducer It will change with the load, and the operator will control the device at the first time by monitoring the sound in real time.

Summary: No matter what brand of drilling rig you operate, as long as you are a robot and engaged in rotary excavation foundation construction, no matter what kind of process: dry hole, full casing or mud static pressure pile, if you want to open a pile rig, Then by watching the rotation speed, listening to the sound, and real-time monitoring by vibration, you can learn the situation in the hole at the first time and change the operation in time.

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