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Identification method of hydraulic oil quality

02-28 12:08 News 24

Any master who operates a hydraulic pile drilling machine will inevitably have to deal with hydraulic oil. The significance of hydraulic oil is very important. When an abnormality occurs in the pile drilling machine, the first inspection should be the hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil meets the requirements of the use standard, then Check other hydraulic components.

The following editor will first explain the identification method of hydraulic oil quality, and how to deal with it. If your drilling pile finds that the hydraulic oil does not meet the use standards, it must be replaced in time.

When the pile drilling machine is in stock for a long time, the hydraulic components are prone to rust, which requires the hydraulic oil to have good rust prevention performance.

When the hydraulic device of the pile drilling machine is working, as the oil temperature gradually increases, the hydraulic oil becomes more and more easily oxidized and deteriorated, especially under high temperature conditions, the oxidation speed is fast, and the oil oxidizes, which will generate cement sediments and pollute the system. Affects the normal operation of the system.

The anti-foam performance of hydraulic oil is better. If there is foam in the hydraulic oil, it will cause crawling and noise of the hydraulic system.

Within the range of the working temperature, the range of the viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be small.

Hydraulic oil pictures

Simple method for detecting and identifying the quality of hydraulic oil:

1. Observation method: When there is water in the oil, the oil is milky and cloudy.

2. Touch method: Use your fingers to lightly twist the hydraulic oil and you will feel the presence of fine particles. You can see the reflective points under bright light, indicating that the hydraulic components are seriously worn or the motor or main pump has been seriously worn. The quality of the hydraulic oil is seriously affected. ;

3. Burning method: Use a dry, clean cotton paper or cotton yarn to dip a small amount of detected oil, and then ignite it. If a crackling sound or a flashing phenomenon occurs, it means that more oil has entered the oil;

4. Sound judgment method: If the hydraulic system has intermittent vibration and noise, the main pump is accompanied by "humming" abnormal sounds, and even the piston crawls, and then observe the oil pipe outlet, the tank liquid level or the transparent level gauge, You will see a lot of bubbles. This indicates that a large amount of air has penetrated into the oil.

Finally, the editor explained the two reasons for the deterioration of the hydraulic oil quality of the pile drilling machine:

External factors:

1.Hydraulic oil is not changed when it is replaced. It is necessary to properly replace hydraulic oil with engineering machinery.

2. The filter core is blocked due to the harsh working environment of the hydraulic pile drilling machine; impurities and dust in the air will enter the fuel tank with the air for a long time, causing the hydraulic oil to be contaminated;

3. Long-term work in summer causes the temperature of hydraulic oil to increase, leading to the decline of oil products;

Internal factors of hydraulic pile rig:

A large amount of iron filings are generated during the running-in of a hydraulic pile drill, and the wear debris generated by the high-speed operation of the oil pump and motor and the back-and-forth operation of the oil cylinder is also one of the reasons for the deterioration of hydraulic oil quality.

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