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Rotary drilling rig operating procedures

02-27 11:46 News 19

The operation procedure of rotary drilling rig is as follows:

1. Select the model suitable for your own construction requirements by the method of rotary drilling rig model preparation;

Various types of rotary drilling rigs

2. The rig itself is equipped with a walking function, which can reach the construction site through this function;

Picture of rotary drilling rig entering construction site

3. According to construction requirements, select relevant parameters such as pressure, speed, etc., and then select drill rods and drilling tools;

Choose the right drill bit and drill pipe

4. Use the mast to guide the lower drill rod to place the barrel drill with a valve at the bottom to the hole position;

Rotary drilling rig positioning

5. The power head device of the drilling rig provides torque for the drill pipe. The pressurizing device transmits the pressure to the drill pipe and the drill bit by pressurizing the power head, so that the drill bit rotates to break the rock and soil.

Rotary drilling rig construction picture

6. Load broken rock and soil into the drill bit during drilling, and then lift the drill bit out of the hole by the hoisting device and telescopic drill rod;

Unloading pictures

7. Reciprocate in this way, continuously take and unload soil until it reaches the required depth.

Pile drilling machine construction site

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