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Inspection of crawler rotary drilling rig walking mechanism

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The inspection contents of the crawler rotary drilling rig walking mechanism are:

(1) Check for leaks in the idler, track roller and guide wheel.

(2) The degree of wear of the rolling surface track pads and driving sprocket of the supporting wheels, track rollers, guide wheels.

(3) Whether the connecting bolts are loose.

(4) Start slowly in an open area and listen for abnormal noise. If any bad condition is found, it should be repaired in time.

Picture of crawler rotary drilling rig walking chassis

(I) Check the tightness of the track

Tracks that are too loose or too tight can shorten the life of the track and drive parts, so it is necessary to check the amount of sag of the track frequently.

(1) Put a long enough ruler between the guide wheel and the supporting wheel;

(2) Measure the maximum size from the track shoe to the lower edge of the ruler;

(3) Appropriate sag amount is 8mm-10mm (the pile drilling machine operates in clay, the track should be loose).

Inspection picture of crawler rotary drilling rig walking mechanism

(Two) tighten or loosen the track

Tighten the track

If the track is too loose, grease the track with a grease gun through the maintenance holes on the side of the track bracket.

Note: Don't go too tight.

2. Relax the track

Unscrew the filler valve slowly until grease leaks. If the grease overflow is too slow, you can rotate the platform 90 ° to support the track with the operating device, let the track idle for a few turns, and then tighten the fuel valve.

Do not look into the maintenance hole to avoid injury caused by high-pressure grease spray. Do not turn the fuel valve too loosely to prevent parts from flying out and hurting people.

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