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Position of Rotary Drilling Rig in Basic Engineering Machinery

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Position of rotary drilling rig in basic engineering machinery:

Rotary drilling rig is the main model for concrete pile construction

(I) Applicability analysis of rotary drilling rig

The basic construction machinery can be divided into two types of prefabricated pile construction machinery and cast-in-place pile construction machinery according to the form of pile formation. Pile construction machinery can be divided into soil-boring and hole-filling pile construction machinery and soil-squeezing and hole-filling pile construction machinery. There are two main types of construction machinery: earth-boring and cast-in-situ piles, rotary excavation and impact excavation.

At present, the rotary drilling rig mainly refers to a crawler drilling machine that can be equipped with a swing casing driving mechanism, is equipped with a rotary bucket and a short screw and a reaming tool, is fully hydraulically driven and has a large torque output. In foreign countries, this drilling rig was actually developed on the basis of the rotary bucket drilling machine first developed in the United States in 1947. In order to adapt to the geology of Europe, a French rocker driving mechanism equipped with a punch grab was developed. In addition to rotary buckets and short spirals, rotary digging construction tools include long spirals and positive and negative circulation drilling tools (the construction depth can reach more than 100 meters, which cannot be reached by rotary buckets and short spirals).

From the perspective of the equipment's construction capacity, the rotary drilling rig can also be used in the construction of precast piles after partial modification (especially when the column is equipped with legs). Therefore, it will be added to various basic engineering construction tools to expand the scope of use, which can also be called a multifunctional drilling machine.

(2) Rotary drilling rig is a major foundation engineering machine used for cast-in-situ pile construction

It can be known from the foregoing that the rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machine that takes soil and forms a bored pile. Cast-in-situ piles have been developed with the continuous improvement of building materials and construction technology in recent years. In pile foundation and construction, generally speaking, the bearing capacity of prefabricated pile is strong, and the foundation stability is good. If an ultra-high-frequency hydraulic vibrator or a hydraulic pile hammer is configured on the rotary drilling rig, the scope of use of the rotary drilling rig will be expanded while meeting the requirements of construction restrictions.

(3) Rotary drilling rig is a hole-forming bored pile construction machine for intermittent operation

Rotary digging rig is a construction machine that takes soil to form a hole-filled pile by periodically rotating the bucket to drive the rotary bucket to cut the soil and then lift it to the outside of the hole.

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