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What requirements should a rotary rig hydraulic system meet?

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With the rapid development of the national economy, the role of hydraulic rotary drilling rigs in various engineering construction fields, especially in infrastructure construction, has become increasingly significant. As an efficient and practical pile-working machine, hydraulic rotary drilling rigs have attracted more and more attention.

The development of rotary drilling rigs is inseparable from hydraulic technology. The two promote mutual development. On the one hand, the advancement of rotary drilling rigs has promoted the improvement of hydraulic technology. On the other hand, hydraulic technology is the technical foundation of modern rotary drilling rigs. The hydraulic system of rotary drilling rigs is complex. The performance of rotary drilling rigs determines the performance of rotary drilling rigs. It can be said that many advanced technologies of hydraulic transmission are currently embodied in rotary drilling rigs.

The hydraulic system of the hydraulic rotary drilling rig consists of power components (various hydraulic pumps), actuators (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors), control components (various valves) and auxiliary devices (coolers, filters) with oil pipes in a certain way Combined together. It uses the mechanical energy of the rotary drilling rig engine to use oil as a medium, transforms it into hydraulic energy through the power element, transfers it, and then returns to mechanical energy through the actuator to realize various actions of the host. Because the function of the hydraulic system is to transfer, distribute and control mechanical power, it is a key part of the hydraulic rotary drilling rig.

The hydraulic system of the hydraulic rotary drilling rig is composed of some basic circuits and auxiliary circuits, which include pressure limiting circuit, unloading circuit, buffer circuit, throttling speed and throttling speed limiting circuit, walking speed limiting circuit, outrigger sequence Circuits, outrigger lock circuits, and pilot valve control circuits make up a hydraulic system with various functions.

Rotary drilling rig hydraulic system explanation picture

Rotary drilling rigs have complex movements. The main mechanisms are often started, braked, and reversed. The load changes greatly, and shock and vibration are complicated. In addition, the field operation, temperature and geographic location change greatly. Therefore, the hydraulic system of the rotary drilling rig should meet the following requirements. :

(1) It is necessary to ensure that the drill bit, boom and mast of the rotary drilling rig can move independently, and can also cooperate with each other to achieve composite movement.

(2) The operation of the working device and the rotation of the turntable can be performed separately or in combination to improve the working efficiency of the rotary drilling rig.

(3) The left and right tracks of the crawler rotary drilling rig are driven separately, which makes the rotary drilling rig easy to walk, flexible in steering, and can be steered in place to improve the flexibility of the rotary drilling rig.

(4) Ensure that all actions of the rotary drilling rig are reversible and steplessly variable.

(5) To ensure the safe operation of rotary drilling rigs, and that all actuators (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc.) have good overload protection; the slewing mechanism and walking device have reliable braking and speed limit; prevent the boom from falling rapidly due to its own weight And the entire machine is over-speed landslide. To this end, the rotary drilling rig hydraulic system should:

(1) It has high transmission efficiency to make full use of the engine's power and fuel economy.

(2) The hydraulic system and the hydraulic components have sufficient reliability under the action of a large load and rapid vibration.

(3) Set a light and vibration-resistant cooler to reduce the total heat generation of the system, so that the hydraulic oil temperature of the rotary drilling rig during continuous work does not exceed 80 ° C or the temperature rise does not exceed 45 ° C.

(4) Due to the dust at the rotary drilling rig site, the hydraulic oil is easily polluted. Therefore, the hydraulic system has better sealing performance, the hydraulic components are less sensitive to oil pollution, and the entire hydraulic system must be equipped with oil filters and dust-proof devices. .

(5) The hydraulic or electro-hydraulic servo control device is used to set up an automatic control system for the rotary drilling rig, thereby improving the technical performance of the rotary drilling rig and reducing the labor intensity of the driver.

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