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Preparation for pile drilling machine construction

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The preparatory work for the construction of the pile drilling machine mainly includes the preparation of materials, the site's four connections and one leveling, the transportation and assembly of the equipment, the production of the protective tube, and the production of mud.

(I) Information Preparation

Before the construction of the project, it is necessary to do a good job of collecting and sorting the data such as the geotechnical survey report, the information of the buried objects, and the construction technical details.

(B) the four links and one level of the venue

Water, electricity, traffic, communications, and site leveling. When the site leveling slope is ≤20 °, when the construction site conditions are poor, steel plates can be laid to ensure the construction conditions after the pile drilling equipment enters the site.

(Three) equipment transportation and assembly

Picture of drilling rig transportation

Piling rigs are large-scale construction equipment. In order to comply with national transportation height and weight restrictions, usually, the rotary drilling rig is transported by the whole machine and transported by multiple flatbed transporters to the construction site.

(4) Protection tube production

Piling rig construction should be equipped with a protective tube

The protection tube has an important influence on the quality of the hole formation and pile formation. It plays a great role in maintaining the stability of the hole wall. Before drilling, a solid watertight protection tube should be provided. The functions of the protective tube are as follows:

1. Positioning and drilling guidance;

2. Protect the openings and prevent ground debris from falling into the holes;

3. Isolate the inner and outer surface water of the hole;

4. One of the basis of pile top elevation control;

5. Keep the water level in the hole higher than the construction water level to stabilize the hole wall.

The orifice protection tube is made of 8-15mm thick steel plate, with a length of 3-6m. The inner diameter of the protection tube should be 20-40cm larger than the designed pile diameter, leaving a slurry feeding port on the top side. A pair of lifting ears or holes are symmetrically welded on the top, which are used to install the lifting cylinder and prevent the sinker from sinking. After the drilling is completed, the protective cylinder can be pulled out and reused.

(E) Mud Making

Pile drilling machine construction should be equipped with mud pool

When using mud wall construction, according to the corresponding mud ratio, the required mud materials (bentonite, soda ash, cellulose) are purchased in advance, the mud pool is dug, equipped with the required stirring equipment, the pipes required for mud transportation, and the mud performance. Field instruments for inspection (mud hydrometer, viscosity meter, sand content meter).

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