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Inspection and maintenance of rotary rig power head

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The power head is the main component of the rotary drilling rig. Once the power head fails, the whole machine will not work. Therefore, when maintaining the rotary drilling rig, it is important to check the power head. Loosening should also be checked and maintained as follows.

Rotary drilling rig power head picture

(A) check the oil level of the power box

1. Check that the front drill mast is upright.

2. The power box is equipped with an oil level observation window with an oil gauge. It is easy to observe the oil level in the power box from time to time.

3. The oil level in the power box must be detected.

4. The oil level in the power box must always be in the upper middle position of the oil mark.

5. When the oil in the power box becomes turbid or enters the water, it must be replaced immediately: it must be carefully and repeatedly washed with clean new oil before oiling!

(Two) power box oil change

1. Change the oil in the power box regularly according to the time required by the manufacturer.

2. Gear oil grade should be the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. If a new grade of gear oil is replaced, a compatibility test must be performed on both oils.

3. It is best to change the oil when the power head is working and maintain a certain temperature. If the outdoor temperature is low during oil change, it is recommended to heat ((50 ℃) a certain amount of new oil to flush the power head before oil filling, in order to wash away impurities and minerals left in the power head.

4. If the working temperature of the power head exceeds 100 ° C, the color of the discharged lubricating oil will become dark or black, which will increase the wear of the lubricating oil and make it lose its lubricating function. In this case, the interval between oil changes should be shortened accordingly.

5. Check the oil for impurities and minerals (abrasives). The maximum allowable oil remaining when changing oil is 0.15% of the total oil.

6. The maximum particle size of the lubricating oil should not exceed 5μm. If it exceeds, no matter how much, the power head must be removed and carefully analyzed and inspected.

7. You can use benzene or flushing oil to flush the power head, but never use gasoline, petroleum, or diesel to flush.

8. The flushing oil in the power head is completely drained before new oil can be injected.

(Three) oil change of power head reducer

The second-hand rotary drilling rig should observe the reducer oil level gauge. When the reducer oil level gauge shows no oil or the oil gauge under the oil cup shows no oil, please fill the reducer with lubricant in time.

(Four) check the drive sleeve health board

Rotary drilling rig power head drive sleeve picture

Check the drive sleeve for wear every 50 working hours or once a week as required. If the drive key plate of the rotary drilling rig is severely worn, it needs to be replaced in time.

(5) Check the nylon slider in the slider bracket

Normally working rotary drilling rigs check the nylon slider for wear every 50 working hours or once a week.

1. Check the 3 nylon sliders inside the slider bracket.

2. When the surface of the slider protruding structure is less than 3mm, it must be replaced.

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