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Causes of rollover rig accident

02-18 11:11 News 22

Rotary drilling rig construction technology is a relatively advanced pile foundation construction technology that has only become popular in recent years. It is known as the "green construction technology". Its characteristics are good construction quality, high work efficiency, fast hole formation speed, It can be positioned automatically, has vertical rotary holes, good hole formation quality, outstanding environmental protection features, and less pollution from dust and mud. The mast of a rotary drilling rig is generally a dozen meters long or some tens of meters long. If the operator is not careful, it may easily cause the center of gravity to be out of balance and the rig toppled. With the further development of infrastructure construction, rotary drilling rigs have been widely used. However, rotary drilling rig rollover accidents also frequently occur. Xiaobian organized the three main causes of rotary drilling rig rollover accidents. I hope friends can safely operate, Stay away from accidents.

1. Rotary drilling and airport transfer, tipping occurred during loading or unloading trucks or transportation.

Rotary drilling rig transport rollover accident picture

Loading and unloading of rotary drilling rigs should be performed on a solid, level ground, maintaining a safe distance from the edge of the road or cliff.

During the transportation of the rotary drilling rig, the appropriate carriage must be selected. The rig must be overloaded and transported. The driver must bundle the rig firmly. The cart should not rush when turning.

2. The site was transferred, and a rotary drill rig rollover accident occurred when driving on uneven soft and hard roads.

Rollover accident caused by rotary drilling rig

The construction conditions are complex and changeable. For example, the hole position of the backfill soil pavement is shifted between the repaired concrete pavement and the roadside. Due to the large soft and hard differences, the center of gravity of the pile driver will shift sideways. Dump to the soft side.

3. The collapse of the hole during drilling caused a rollover accident of the rotary drilling rig.

Rotary drilling rig rollover accident caused by hole collapse

The mud is not prepared according to the geology and groundwater, or the groundwater level is high, which is relatively rich, which causes the surrounding collapse of the casing to gradually collapse until it reaches the bottom of the rig track and the track is suspended (the surface geology is clay), causing a rollover rig accident. The editor reminds the operator that if there is a warning of a hole collapse, it should be handled in time before re-drilling.

Most accidents occur because of carelessness and carelessness hidden in daily work. The editor reminds everyone that there is no trivial matter of safety, take precautions beforehand, and jointly create a safe operating environment.

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