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Pile drilling machine structure

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From a macro perspective, from the appearance, the pile drilling machine is composed of a working device, an upper turntable and a walking mechanism. If it is subdivided, the pile drilling machine has an upper frame, a chassis, a working device, a cab, a main frame, an engine, a mast, a luffing mechanism, a power head power unit, a turning mechanism, an operating mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a pile drilling machine, It consists of walking mechanism and auxiliary facilities.

Picture of drilling rig

According to the structure and application of the pile drilling machine, it can be divided into: crawler, tire, walking, full hydraulic, semi-hydraulic, full swing, non-full swing, general purpose, special type, machine lock rod type, friction rod, etc. Types.

The pile rig chassis accessories mainly include four wheels and one belt: four wheels refer to supporting wheels, driving wheels, guide wheels, and drag chain wheels; one belt refers to track belts.

Guide wheel: It plays the role of guiding the track and is located at the end opposite to the driving force. There are usually two per drilling rigs.

Towline sprocket: It acts as a track, depending on the tonnage of the pile rig. Usually there are 1-2 on one side.

Track roller: As the name suggests, it plays a supporting role and is located between the lower surface of the left / right beam of the chassis and the track. Usually there are 5-10 on one side.

Drive wheel: It plays the role of driving the track and is fixed on the traveling motor. The driving force of the traveling motor is transmitted to the track through the gear structure. There is usually one per travel motor.

Chassis parts of pile drilling machine: guide wheel, supporting sprocket, track roller, driving gear, chain, chain link, chain pin, bucket shaft, four-wheel belt, chain rail assembly, guide wheel bracket, slewing bearing, track, rubber Tracks, track assemblies, track pads, tensioning devices, tensioning cylinder seats, tensioning cylinders, universal cross shafts, chain plate screws, large springs, chain plates, chain links, chain guards, bottom guards.

The slewing and walking device is the body of the pile drilling machine. The upper part of the turntable is provided with a power device and a transmission system. The pile drilling engine is the power source of the machine. Most of them use diesel engines. If it is convenient, you can use electric motors.

The transmission mechanism drives the hydraulic pump through the power of the pile drill engine to reciprocate the hydraulic oil of the pile drill, transmits the pressure to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and other actuators, and pushes the working device to complete the various operations of the pile drill.

Drilling rig drill bits can be divided into two categories according to geology:

Picture of various types of rotary drilling rig bits

First, the bucket

Double bottom sand fishing bit 2. Double head soil spiral 3. Single head soil spiral 4. Open body drill 5. Single bottom drill 6. Single bottom soil bucket

Second, the rock drill

Double-headed double helix 2.Single-headed single helix 3.Roller barrel drill 4.Rock socket drill 5.Body-open rock drill 6.Double-headed double helix

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