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Rotary drilling rig transportation

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After the disassembly of the drill rod and power head of the rotary drilling rig, the transport of the rotary drilling rig can be prepared:

1. It must be locked when turning on the car;

2. Pull down the safety handle to the vertical closed position;

3. Shut down the rotary drilling rig engine;

4. Remove the activation key and lock the doors and windows of the cab.

After completing the necessary handover procedures, the freight company will be responsible for the entire transportation of the rotary drilling rig.

Freight companies need clear information: the weight of the rotary rig, the weight of the removed components.

Transport pictures of rotary drilling rigs

(I) Instructions for lifting, loading and transportation

1. All parts loaded on the transport vehicle must be bundled and fixed firmly. To ensure that the vehicle is traveling on uneven roads such as construction sites, or turning or braking, it will not cause component movement or misalignment, which will cause the vehicle to roll over or damage parts.

2. Each time before driving, the driver is responsible for checking whether all the parts are moving and whether they are well fixed on the rotary drilling rig flat transporter.

3. Whether the fixing and safety devices of the side and rear panels of the vehicle are completely normal, and whether the tensioning chain is completely reliable.

4. Rotary drilling rig is strictly prohibited to carry people in the carriage during transportation.

5. During loading and unloading of the equipment, ensure that the height and angle of the inclined bridge where the two tracks are located, and the remaining personnel should be outside the dangerous range.

6. Do not use the side panel of the transport vehicle as the inclined bridge between the vehicle and the ground. When using a load bearing bridge, it must be prevented from sliding.

7. When loading and unloading the crane, ensure that its shackles, hooks, etc. are safe and reliable.

8. Small parts that are easily overlooked during transportation must be properly kept to avoid loss during transportation.

9. Components with sharp corners and sharp edges must be protected accordingly during transportation.

(II) Decomposition and transportation

When the weight during transportation exceeds the tonnage limit of the highway, it is necessary to adopt the method of disassembly and transportation to implement the long-distance transfer of the equipment.

1. Remove the counterweight;

2. Remove the power head;

3. Remove the left and right side members and the track assembly;

4. Lift the disassembled components and the vehicle onto the trailer, and fix it firmly.

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