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Structure of rotary drilling rig

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Rotary drilling rig is mainly composed of chassis, drill mast, luffing hook, main and auxiliary winches, power head, drill rod, drill bit, slewing platform, engine system, cab, counterweight, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.

Composition of rotary drilling rig

(1) Chassis mechanism

Rotary drilling rig chassis

The chassis is mainly composed of a walking mechanism, a track tensioning device, and left and right longitudinal beams. The chassis can be in the form of a rotary drilling rig-specific chassis, a crawler hydraulic excavator chassis, a crawler crane chassis, a walking-type chassis, or an automobile chassis.

(2) Boarding section

The boarding part is composed of a frame, a slewing platform, an engine system, a main winch assembly, a cab and a counterweight.

(3) Mast

The mast is composed of goose head, upper mast, middle mast, lower mast, pressurized oil cylinder and other components. It is a mounting support component for drill rods and power heads and a guide mechanism for its working footage.

(4) Luffing mechanism

The mechanism is mainly composed of a boom, a tripod, a support rod, a variable cylinder, a tilting cylinder and other components. Through the role of the variable amplitude cylinder, the distance between the mast and the frame can be adjusted. The tilting cylinder can adjust the angle between the mast and the horizontal plane.

(5) Power head

Rotary drilling rig power head

Rotary drilling rig power head refers to the entire power driving device that drives the rotary head to feed during the drilling operation of the rotary drilling rig, which drives the work of the drill rod and the drill bit. It is mainly composed of hydraulic motors, reducers, power head boxes, shock absorbers, It consists of driving shaft, bearing body and bracket.

(6) Drill pipe assembly

The drill pipe assembly is composed of drill pipe, slewing bearing, guide frame, lifter, pin, washer and other components. Among them, the drill pipe is a key component, which is mainly responsible for connecting the drill bit with the main coil wire rope, and transmits the force of the power head to the drill bit within the full-length telescopic range. To achieve the function of rotary excavation operations. There are two commonly used drill pipes in the market: friction-resistant drill pipes and machine-lock drill pipes.

(7) Drilling tools

Rotary Drilling Rig

According to different construction sites, different strata. Users can choose different rotary drilling rig bits to ensure drilling efficiency. In general, each rig needs to be equipped with several different types of drills at the same time. At present, the main drill bits used in the market can be divided into rotary drilling rigs, sand buckets, auger drill bits, barrel drill bits, and enlarged bottom drill bits.

(8) Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of rotary drilling rig is mainly composed of hydraulic system circuit, auxiliary hydraulic system circuit, pilot system circuit and cooling system.

(9) Electrical system

The main functions of the electrical system are engine start, flameout monitoring, automatic engine speed control, mast angle monitoring, alarm, drilling depth monitoring, adjustment, fault monitoring, recommended drilling parameters, GPS positioning system, touch screen display system and system alarm.

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