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Basic terms for rotary drilling rigs

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The multifunctional full-hydraulic rotary drilling rig (referred to as rotary drilling rig) is a mechanical device with the basic functions of using a rotary bucket, a short auger bit or other operating devices to perform dry and wet drilling, successively taking soil, and repeatedly operating holes to form holes. The drilling rig can also be equipped with long augers, casings and their driving devices, underground continuous wall grabs, prefabricated pile hammers and other operating devices. Rotary drilling rig is a high-end hole-forming equipment for large-diameter pile foundation engineering. Compared with other hole-forming rigs, it has a high concentration of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic integration, large output torque, large axial pressure, flexible mobility, and construction efficiency. High features, good hole formation quality, strong stratum adaptability, and good environmental performance, etc., represent the development direction of pile driving machinery, its various constructions such as cast-in-situ piles, continuous walls, foundation reinforcement, high-speed rail, highway bridges, and high-rise buildings The bored cast-in-situ pile construction of the foundation construction project has been widely used, and it has become the most ideal construction equipment suitable for hole-forming operations in building foundation projects.

Rotary drilling rig technical terms and definitions

Friends should understand the basic terms of rotary drilling rigs before buying them.


Except for the power head and its supporting and guiding device (drill mast or boom and its attachments), drilling rods, drilling tools and other devices, other main parts.

2.Turntable rotation angle

When the center of the drilling mast coincides with the travel axis, the turntable rotation angle is specified as 0 °, and when the turntable is rotated to the left or right by a certain angle, the angle is the turntable rotation angle.

3.Working radius

The distance from the center of the drill pipe to the center of rotation when the rotary drilling rig is in working condition.

4. Working status

The drilling tools and various devices of the rotary drilling rig are fully assembled and in a workable state.


Rotary drilling rigs meet the requirements of railway or highway driving or transportation requirements.

6. Quality of work

Machine quality (including standard drill pipe, drilling tools, etc.), fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, coolant and

The mass of water and the mass of a driver (75kg).

7. Transportation quality

The quality in the transportation state is the sum of the fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, coolant and water masses filled according to the regulations. The wheeled rotary drilling rig should include the mass of one driver (75 kg) when driving on the road.

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