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Uses and classification of rotary drilling rigs

02-08 15:45 News 28

Rotary drilling rigs have been widely used because of their high efficiency, low pollution, and many functions. However, many friends who are new to this trip do not know much about rotary drilling rigs. At present, there are not many professional training institutions in China. Many friends All rely on the guidance of manufacturers to explore and learn. Many friends who buy rotary drilling rigs are confused. Today, Xiaobian will popularize the basic knowledge of rotary drilling rigs and explain the uses and classification of rotary drilling rigs to friends.

Various types of rotary drilling rigs

First, the use of rotary drilling rig

Rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machine that takes soil into holes and pours into piles. It revolves the bucket to rotate and cut the soil by means of a drill pipe, and then it is lifted to the cycle of unloading soil outside the hole.

The rotary drilling rig adopts a multi-purpose modular design, which can be used for the construction of various piles:

(A) cast-in-place pile

Rotary drilling rigs are generally used for the construction of large-caliber short spirals and rotary buckets. In addition, they can also be equipped with long augers, full casing and punch grabs, hydraulic grabs, reverse circulation drills, high-pressure rotary jetting tools, Down-the-hole hammer tools, hydraulic hammers, diesel hammers, vibrating hammers, etc. are used for spiral bored cast-in-situ piles, drill-reinforced bottom-filled cast-in-place piles, submerged drill-drilled hole-filled piles, drill-drilled hole-drilled piles, and reverse-cycle drilled holes Construction of cast-in-place piles, cast-in-place piles, cast-in-place piles, vibratory sinking piles, hammered sinking piles, vibratory impact sinking piles, etc.

(Two) occlusal pile

With the continuous increase of high-rise buildings and underground engineering, rotary drilling rigs are equipped with tools such as short spirals, drill buckets, and vibratory hammers, which are commonly used in foundation pit support bite pile construction.

(Three) underground diaphragm wall

Rotary drilling rigs can also be equipped with hydraulic grabs for underground diaphragm wall construction.

Classification of rotary drilling rigs

The types of rotary drilling rigs are classified in the following different ways. Each type can be one of the following classifications or different combinations in the following classifications.

(1) Drive by power

1. Electric rotary drilling rig: The power source is an electric driven rotary drilling rig.

2. Internal combustion rotary drilling rig: Rotary drilling rig driven by internal combustion engine.

(Two) according to walking

1. Tracked rotary drilling rig: The chassis is a crawler rotary drilling rig.

2. Wheeled rotary drilling rig: The chassis is a wheeled rotary drilling rig.

3. Step-type rotary drilling rig: The chassis is a step-type rotary drilling rig.

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