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Development Trend of Rotary Drilling Rigs

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With the rapid development of the global economy, the continuous expansion of the scope of capital construction, the concept of people-oriented and environmental protection, and the continuous strengthening of the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, the pile foundation, especially the field concrete pouring pile foundation, has been widely used. Rotary drilling rigs have occupied the position of main models in the construction of cast-in-situ concrete cast-in-situ piles at home and abroad due to their characteristics of high efficiency, less pollution, and more functions. Rotary drilling rigs have excellent performance but are expensive. An ordinary rotary drilling rig is worth millions of dollars, so many friends who are new to this trip set their sights on second-hand rotary drilling rigs. Friends before buying second-hand rotary drilling rigs We should have some understanding of rotary drilling rigs and in-depth study of the development trend of rotary drilling rigs in order to keep up with the times and buy the ideal second-hand rotary drilling rigs. Today, I will share the basic common sense and development trend of rotary drilling rigs with my friends.

Rotary drilling rigs are generally suitable for clay, silt, sandy, silty soil, artificial backfill soil and strata containing some pebble and gravel. For drilling rigs with large torque power heads and automatic interlocking telescopic drill rods, they can be adapted to the construction of slightly weathered rock formations. In order to meet the construction requirements, the configuration of the chassis and working equipment of the rotary drilling rig has the characteristics of large installed power, large output torque, flexible maneuverability, multi-function, and high construction efficiency. At present, the maximum drilling diameter of the rotary drilling rig is 3m, the maximum drilling depth is 120m, and the maximum drilling torque is 620kNm.

Rotary drilling rigs are moving in a more intelligent direction

First, the technical development trend of rotary drilling rig host

1. Adopt full hydraulic drive and electro-hydraulic proportional servo control system to make the rigs match and work in parallel;

2. Use oil cylinder or hoisting pressure to increase the lifting capacity and pressure capacity;

3. Most of the hydraulic components adopt international advanced and mature products to improve the reliability of the products;

4. The chassis adopts a retractable structure to improve the stability of the whole machine;

5. Multi-section self-locking or friction-resistant drill rods and various types of drill bits can be used, and the drill rods and drill bits can be replaced according to different operating requirements;

6. The power head is dual-driven, which can both drill holes and drive the casing.

7, with drilling depth, verticality of the column automatic detection, screen display, improve positioning drilling accuracy;

8. Automatic detection of parameters such as engine, hydraulic system, main and auxiliary winch tension, etc., and screen display, improve the intelligent operation ability.

Development Trend of Rotary Drilling Rig Working Device

First of all, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of the characteristics, working range, advantages and disadvantages of rotary drilling rigs. It is multi-functional instead of universal. It should be worked on the reasonable configuration of the working device to make it develop in a multi-functional direction and effective. Fair use.

Various configurations of rotary buckets to increase the overhang of the side blades, reduce cutting resistance, prevent vacuum during drilling, and improve workability and construction efficiency;

Short spiral discards dual speeds to simplify control; adds scrapers to improve work efficiency;

Configuration of positive and negative circulation drilling tools, plus circulating water tank and vibrating screen, to adapt the drilling rig to hard stratum operations;

Configuration of various long spiral drilling tools;

Various configurations of underground diaphragm wall grabs;

Configuration of reaming and bottom expanding tools;

Configuration of hydraulic vibration hammer;

Configuration of casing drive.

According to China's national conditions, the future development direction of rotary drilling rigs is to develop in two directions: one is to develop in large or very large directions, so that the rigs have super high power and torque output capabilities, and increase the drilling depth and hole diameter of the drilling rig. It is equipped with a variety of working devices for different construction methods to achieve one machine for multiple uses. The second is to develop in the direction of small machines, so that the drilling rig has low power, low cost, strong mobility and other capabilities. The market is still heavily using older forward and reverse cycle rigs.

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